35 Ways to Use a Bobcat

Bobcats are extremely versatile. These handy machines can be fitted with all sorts of attachments which allow operators to perform different or specific tasks. There are literally hundreds of different applications you can buy for your bobcat and some experts can even build customised attachments that allow businesses to perform specific tasks with a bobcat. 

With so many attachments there is virtually nothing your bobcat cannot do for you. There are so many different ways to use a bobcat which probably makes this one of the most popular machines in existence. Here is just a quick look at the main ways you can use a bobcat;

Use a Bobcat for Road Maintenance

Bobcats are frequently used for road maintenance tasks such as the following:

  • Asphalt pavement milling and planning
  • To clean the road, for digging ditches along roads
  • Mill and plant manholes in roads
  • They are even helpful for repairing bridges.

Use a Bobcat for Various Construction Tasks

Bobcats are always seen on construction sites because they are used for so many different tasks. Here is just a quick look at the many things you can do with a bobcat on construction sites;

  • Backfill basements
  • Break up concrete floors indoors and outdoors
  • Clean debris from properties or inside large buildings
  • Cary solar panels anywhere you may need them
  • Crush concrete pillars and piles
  • Roughen concrete surfaces to make these areas suitable for tiles or other floor applications
  • Use with breaker applications for building renovations
  • Move products around in tight areas
  • Perform waste handling in order to clean sites

Use a Bobcat for Agricultural Tasks

Bobcats can definitely be used on agricultural properties. These machines are handy for all sorts of farming projects such as the following:

  • Carry heavy objects in small narrow storerooms
  • Transport grains and other types of feed
  • Perform all sorts of general tasks such as site clearing
  • Dig trenches and holes on farms
  • Demolish structures or buildings
  • Remove livestock waste from kraals or from interior buildings

Use a Bobcat for Landscaping Tasks

A bobcat is a handy machine for just about any landscaping project. Here is just a quick look at some of the landscaping tasks you can take on with these handy machines:

  • Carry trees or tree stumps
  • Cut or Dig Trenches
  • Chop logs into smaller pieces
  • Dig trees or tree stumps out from the ground¬†
  • Transplant trees to different locations
  • Move soil to different locations
  • Flatten surfaces
  • Clear yards

Use a Bobcat for Port Management Tasks

Bobcats are even used at shipping ports for various tasks. These handy machines are excellent for tasks like:

  • Cleaning on a cargo ship
  • Working with concrete on a ship.

Use a Bobcat for Site Preparation

Bobcats are often used on construction and landscaping sites just to clean and prep a site. You can perform a huge variety of tasks like the following:

  • Remove trees, stumps, bushes and more
  • Demolish old buildings and structures
  • Dig out and demolish old pipelines or foundations
  • Flatten surfaces
  • Dig out certain areas to create trenches, swimming pools or other types of constructions 
  • Clean out dirt and building rubble from specific areas on a site

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