6 Interesting Things to Know About Bobcat Machines

Bobcats are some of the most popular brands of compact multi-functional equipment.  Like all other famous products, this brand also has a very interesting history and quite a few facts that might blow your mind. 

Here are a few interesting things you might not know about bobcat machines;

Who Owns This Famous Brand Of Skid-Steer Loaders?

The Bobcat brand was first developed by Melroe Manufacturing Company.  This is the same company that developed the Keller brother’s skid-steer loader back in the 1960s.  Through the years, the Bobcat brand has been owned by many different entities like Clark Equipment Company, Ingersoll Rand and more.  At this moment, the Bobcat brand is owned by the giant South Korean firm; Doosan Infracore.

Why Was The Skid-Steer Loader Invented?

The concept of the skid-steer loader was developed by one singe turkey farmer who had enough of the challenges of cleaning turkey manure from his coups.  He consulted the Keller brothers in the mid-1950s and requested them to create a small agile machine that could fit into tiny areas and was light enough to work on various stories of his barn.  The machine had to be efficient and quick so he could get the manure cleaned out faster. From this doughty task, the skid-steer loader was developed.

What Vehicles Or Machines Does The Bobcat Brand Develop?

The Bobcat brand is most famous for its skid steer loaders but they also offer various other machines in their product lines.  Compact excavators, compact tractors, different sized and types of skid steer loaders, utility vehicles, telehandlers and all the attachments you need for these machines are developed by the Bobcat brand. They also manufacture and distribute replacement parts for their machines and vehicles.  

Is The Generic Name For Skid Steer Loaders A Problem For The Bobcat Brand?

With so many different products supplied by Bobcat, you may wonder whether they mind that the Bobcat name is the generic term for their skid steer loaders.  But the company is quite ecstatic at this fact since it means that this product in their range is extremely popular and sought after. The skid steer loader is one of the most flexible tools in existence and as such is a very popular machine with many capabilities. 

The developers of these machines worked hard to create a machine that is so trustworthy, it became generalized and popular.

The Reason Bobcat Equipment Is White

Most construction equipment is bright yellow but Bobcat insisted on painting their machines white. 

If you ever worked with dirt you will know that this isn’t the easiest colour to keep clean.  So why did Bobcat choose white? The company initially did use red and yellow for their machines. 

They gradually changed their colours to white and red after dairy and fertilizing industries invested thousands of dollars in the development and purchase of these machines.  The white colour offers a clean look and the specific primary colour they use is ‘tough enough to wear white’.

Bobcats Are the Most Popular Skid Steer Loader Brand

This is now the most popular skid steer loader brand here in Australia.  Everything from the machines to all of their attachments and parts are very easy to locate in just about every town and city.  The ease of getting parts to repair and maintain these machines also boosts their popularity even more.

Bobcats are very interesting machines and they are the best for any type of small to large construction or agricultural project.  The only problem is that these machines can be costly.  

Luckily even this problem has easily conquered because you can rent a Bobcat for as long as you need from Melbourne Bobcat Services.