6 Tips for Properly Clearing and Leveling Your Building Site

The importance of proper site preparation before building can not be emphasised enough.  

Lots of builders make a huge mistake by failing to effectively clear, level and prepare a building site.  They are pressured for time because they have to get the building project completed within the deadline. As a result, many building companies neglect their site prep and start out on their foundations too soon.

If you construct a building on a site that isn’t properly prepared you could easily end up with a disaster on your hands.  Your building can start to crumble and crack and you might even have to be completely demolished if it doesn’t meet the basic construction standards.

If you are taking on a building project and need to get the building site prepared then you can definitely consider the following tips for the perfect building site;

Demolition Should be Done Right

Are you also demolishing existing buildings on the site?  Then take care to hire the right equipment. All buildings have a foundation buried beneath the ground as well as other pipeline systems like a sewerage system, drainage system, and water lines.  It is important to hire a bobcat to get these materials removed from the ground so they don’t interfere with your new foundation or result in foundation errors should there be air pockets underneath the ground.

Remove Green Waste – Roots and All

One of the biggest mistakes you can possibly make when you are removing green waste is to cut down trees at ground level.  The roots will get in the way of your new foundation and even if the stumps are located in a center of a room, it could eventually cause terrible problems.  Green waste eventually degrades and could result in air pockets beneath the ground which could cause your foundation to sink or result in floor and wall cracks.  Use your bobcat to remove tree stumps from the ground so you can minimise future construction errors.

Mind Your Soil

It is entirely true that some soil types are not suitable for building, especially if you are constructing a particularly heavy and big building.  Sandy and clay soil types, for example, could cause your foundation to sink or shift over time. One of the most infamous examples of this is the Leaning Tower of Pisa.  The building was too heavy for the soil type to bear and the foundation began to sink causing the entire building to lean. Shifting soil and sinking foundations could result in various construction problems such as cracks in the floors, walls, ceilings and more. If you don’t have the right type of soil to support the weight of your building then you should get Melbourne Bobcat Hire to come and replace your soil with a type that is more suitable for construction.

Leveling Is Easy With a Bobcat

It is important to get a building site leveled out before starting out on the project.  A bobcat can be used for earthmoving to get any holes and ditches in your property filled out and for leveling the property so you can start out on a smooth and even surface.

Compacting Is Essential

Bobcats can also be used to compact soil underneath your new construction area so you can build your building on a solid foundation.

Utilise Site Clearing Tools for Construction

Bobcats are not just terrific for preparing your site.  These handy machines have numerous uses and are perfectly functional for various construction tasks.  You can use a bobcat to dig trenches for sewer lines, dig water lines, for swimming pool digging and even get your building foundation dug all with the same handy little machine which could save you lots of money.

For the best site clearing and leveling assistance, you can definitely contact Bobcat Hire Melbourne.  Our bobcats and earthmoving equipment are perfect for getting your site prepared to perfection so you can build without any risks or surprises.