8 Things You Didn’t Know About Bobcats

There is just no doubt about it. Skid steers or bobcats are the handiest little machines around. These versatile machines are used all over the world in just about any industry and in just many different types of companies. Why does everyone love these handy machines so much? Here are a few great things that you might not know about bobcats.

1. Bobcats Are Compatible With A Huge Variety of Attachments

The biggest reason everyone loves bobcats so much is that they are ultimately versatile. These handy machines can be fitted with a huge variety of attachments that enable you to perform many different tasks. There are over 300 different types of attachments that you can fix to a bobcat and, if you know what you are doing, you can even custom build attachments in order to execute a very specific task. Yes, with just the right attachment the same machine can perform tasks such as loading, excavation, earthmoving, concrete mincing, concrete pumping, scraping and much more.

2. Compatible With Different Sized Wheels

Some skid steers can be fitted with bigger or smaller wheels in order to make certain areas more accessible or to make your bobcat suit your working environment better.

3. Compatible with Tracks

You can even transform a bobcat into a mini tank or dozer by investing in a pair of tracks. Tracks are perfect for operating these machines in snow or in particularly muddy environments.

4. Bobcats Can Perform a Huge Variety of Tasks

These handy machines are incredibly flexible and as such, are perfect for a huge variety of tasks. In plenty of businesses, they are used for loading, offloading and moving heavy objects and pallets. In agricultural industries, they are used for earthmoving, site clearing, excavation and even as utility vehicles. On construction sites, these machines are used for a number of tasks such as site clearing and levelling, rubbish removal, demolition services, trench digging, earthmoving and so much more.

5. There Are Different Types of Bobcats Available

Bobcats or skid steers are available in different sizes or are rated by their operating capacity (ROC). Bobcats with a ROC machine of 1,751 – 2,200 lb are the most popular on the market because they are strong enough for heavy lifting yet not too big to become challenging to maneuver.

6. There Are Three Major Frame Categories

The sizes of these machines vary depending on their machine size but they mostly fall into three major categories:

  • Small frame – Under 50 hp
  • Medium frame – 50 – 70 hp
  • Large frame – over 70 hp

7. Bobcats Have Been Around For A Long Time

The Bobcat’s origin started back in 1950 when Luis and Cyril Keller created a machine small enough to operate inside a pole barn. The challenge was inspired by a turkey farmer in the area in need of a tool for his farm. And so the first bobcat concept was born in 1956 in America.

8. When You Hire a Bobcat You Save

The thought of buying your own Bobcat might seem appealing but hiring tends to be much more affordable. When you hire a skid steer from Melbourne Bobcat Services, you won’t be responsible for the machines services, maintenance or down payment. All you pay for is the hourly rate during which the machine is actually running and working.

Want to see just how useful these handy machines can be on your site? Then give Melbourne Bobcat Services a call right now or fill out our online form to get a free quote on our rates.