A Bobcat Is a Handy Tool for These Removal Or Demolition Projects

Bobcats are some of the most diverse or flexible tools ever created. These machines aren’t very big and as such don’t come forward as hugely impressive.  What makes these machines stand out from other heavy-duty machinery is their applications.

Bobcats can be customised to suit your products by simply installing the right application to the machine. With the right tool, there is virtually no project you cannot accomplish with this small but handy machine.

The compact size of this powerful machine also enhances efficiency around small or narrow sites or delicate projects since these machines can get into tight areas without causing destruction. 

Bobcats are used for many projects but they are especially handy for removal and demolition projects like the following;

Building Demolition

These machines can be used for partial and even full building demolishing depending on the size of the construction. The machines are perfect for tearing down walls and breaking up all sorts of constructions such as brick walls, doors, windows and more.

Concrete Demolition

Removing concrete flooring or driveways is no problem if you have a bobcat with a drill application. The powerful machine chips down thee strong surfaces piece by piece so they can be cleared from the property with great ease.

Building Rubble Removal

Demolition projects usually result in lots of building rubble that needs to be cleared off the property and a bobcat is a superb tool to do just this. These machines can move your building rubble onto heaps before loading heavy rubble such as bricks, concrete, rocks, and steel onto trailers or trucks for removal

Tree Stump Removal

Bobcats are superb for removing large trees from the ground. The handy bobcat can help clear the foliage, stumps and other parts of the tree with ease before focusing on the rest of the trunk that needs to be dug out of the ground. It is a very handy tool for getting rid of large trees on sites.

Rock Demolition

Those big boulders and rocks don’t stand a chance against a Bobcat. These machines can be used to break large rocks down into smaller pieces before loading them onto trucks for removal.


Bobcats can also be used to dig holes or move dirt from one location to another. They are often used for lining driveways with a pebble or suitable soil layers and can be used for a number of other earthmoving projects.

Rubbish Removal

Rubbish and trash in landfills or on construction sites are no match for these strong machines. The bobcats are perfect for cleaning large quantities of rubbish off specific sites or areas. 

Contaminated Soil Removal

Bobcats can be used to dig out and clear off soil that is contaminated by sewage, chemical leaks or other harmful elements that might render the soil hazardous or useless. 

Pool Demolition

There is no better tool for pool demolition than a bobcat. These powerful machines can easily get into your backyard and can be used to break up, dig out and remove small to large concrete pools in no time at all. 

Retaining Wall Removal

Changing landscaping trends might inspire you to remove your rock retaining walls in your property so you can create a more beautiful and fresher look for your property. A bobcat is a handy tool to help remove rock retaining walls and flatten or even out the surface so you can start afresh on your new landscaping project.

As you can see; Bobcats is a terrific tool for lots of construction, demolition and site clearing tasks. If you want to get any of these projects done then it is time for you to also book your Bobcat from Melbourne Bobcat Services.