Bobcat VS Other Diggers: The Advantages

Bobcats are not just your average digger or excavator. They are versatile and easy to use too. If you have landscaping, excavation or demolition project planned then a bobcat is exactly what you need. But with so many competitive brands on the market, you may be wondering why you should go for a Bobcat instead. Bobcats have unique advantages that are related to their operational features and design. Read on to learn about the advantages of Bobcats over other diggers and similar machinery. 

1. Bobcats do more than just dig

Bobcats come with more than a dozen approved attachments. These allow you to not just dig, but, among other things, also excavate and demolish with ease. In addition to the regular bucket that comes on this type of machinery, bobcats can also be equipped with attachments such as blades and box-graders for light dozing, as well as forks or grabbers for lifting loaded pallets.

2. Bobcats have better engineering

The high-quality hydraulic system is unmatched in the industry and you can navigate your bobcat’s multiple roles from the cockpit with ease. Our system design makes it more durable and lasting, protecting your bobcat from damage. It is designed with minimal fittings and complex angles which makes it less prone to break down too. 

3. Bobcats dig faster

When compared to other excavator brands and similar machinery, a bobcat dug much faster. The way it is designed makes its operation smoother. It can navigate different materials and textures with ease. While speed may not matter on a day to day basis, it can add up over the course of a lifetime, saving you precious time on each project.

4. Bobcats can lift more materials

The hydraulic lifting force on the bobcat is one aspect of how loads are lifted. When the lifting force of a number of similar machines was compared with the bobcat, it compared considerably better than most. It ultimately means that the bobcat is designed to lift more and better.

5. Bobcats can work in smaller spaces

When compared to other similar brands, bobcat excavators are more compact and designed to fit into smaller places. The sleek design means you can work in tighter spots with ease. This includes projects such as digging parallel to a wall or in an underground facility. A bobcat will allow you to navigate small spaces confidently in comparison to other more bulky brand designs. 


Bobcats are versatile machinery that can be used for many purposes. When compared to similar brands, bobcats have several advantages. They can generally lift more, work faster, and ultimately do more than just dig. They can also be used in smaller spaces and can lift more materials. Bobcat services can therefore take care of many of your projects to help you complete them quicker and more efficiently too. 

If you need to perform a demolition, excavate land or have a similar project and don’t know where to start then get in touch with us today at Melbourne Bobcat Hire. Our professional staff are on hand to advise and give you the best quotes for your project.