Choosing the Right Oil and Grease for Your Bobcat

The bobcat is one of the best machines ever created.  This machine isn’t the biggest out there but it most certainly is the most flexible machines in Australia.  This is because the bobcat has more than 70 different attachments that range from augers, brooms, hammers, forks and much more that can be used on these machines to serve different purposes.  These machines are also incredibly compact and strong have a load capacity of up to two tons depending on the type of machine you are using.

Out of all of the industrial machines out there, this is probably the ones that are used the most frequently since they can get in and out of all of those tough spaces thanks to their compact design and they can accomplish such a huge variety of tasks.

But the flexibility of the bobcat is exactly what makes it one of your machines that need to be maintained more frequently.  This machine much more often than other machines a much bigger variety of attachments is frequently applied to and used on this machine.

It is incredibly important to ensure that you are using the right oil and grease for a bobcat.  With the right oil and grease, your bobcat will keep performing at its best and mechanical failures will be greatly reduced.

How to choose the right oil for your bobcat

To get the best performance out of a bobcat you need to use the recommended oil brand for your machine.  Bobcat Synthetic Engine Oil is made of the highest quality oils with additive technology. This type of oil is designed to keep your heavy-duty equipment lubricated and in excellent condition.  

Alternatively, you can consider Bobcat Premium Engine Oil.  This is high-performance oil that can extend engine life and give you fantastic performance. This oil is great for modern as well as older more convention bobcat models. The right oil also provides wear protection when you are operating at high speeds or when the temperature of your bobcat machine rises.  It is always best to pay a bit extra for specific multigrid oil than risk the reliability, performance and life expectancy of your equipment.

How to choose the right grease for your bobcat

Bobcats require quite a lot of grease to keep all of the attachments in great condition, especially when you are switching between attachments regularly or when you have quite a lot of different attachments on hand.  High-performance lithium greases are specially designed for keeping bobcat equipment lubricated but they do vary in grades;

Supreme HD – This grease type is highly adhesive and is designed to reduce leakage.  The grease tends to last longer and reduces the frequency of re-lubrication.

Extreme HD – This heavy-duty grease is great for contracting and mining industries.  The grease functions well at low temperatures, offers water resistance and can handle a lot of pressure.

Multi-Purpose – This lubricant is great for extending the life expectancy of your equipment and for reducing maintenance on bobcat appliances.

Regular maintenance is important

It is important to stick to a regular maintenance schedule when it comes to oiling and lubricating your bobcat and attachments.  A maintenance schedule will keep you from forgetting to do the needed maintenance. You can download a service schedule for your specific bobcat where you will be guided by the right number of working hours to check and refill the oil and greasing.

The best way to ensure that your Bobcat is always in tip-top shape is of course to hire a bobcat. Melbourne Bobcat Service will take care of the bobcat’s maintenance and services so you can focus on your projects without having to worry about these pesky small tasks that can take up so much of your time.