Frequently Asked Questions

Melbourne Bobcat ® Skid Steer Loader Services understands that many of our customers have a few questions about our services. So listed below are the most common questions we get. If you have more that you would like answered, then contact us today on 0407 005 511 and we will be more than happy to help.

What does Melbourne Bobcat ® Skid Steer Loader Services do?
We offer Melbourne businesses and residents reliable and trustworthy Bobcat ® skid steer loader hire services. From removing and levelling small sites to general rubbish and garden removal, we can do it all. Speak to us about what you want done.

What is the difference between hiring you, as opposed to a skip bin?
By hiring us, we do all the work for you! Imagine digging up and removing chunks of land with just a shovel and wheelbarrow; it will take you weeks to complete it. With us working for you, we can get it done in hours, if not a few days.

What do we get when we hire Melbourne Bobcat ® skid steer loader Services?
When you hire us, this is what you will get:

  • Experienced and professional operator

  • Honest customer service

  • Fully operational and functional Bobcat ® skid steer loader S70 model

  • Affordable prices and services

How do we pay you?
Melbourne Waste Removals accepts cash, cards and cheques.

Do you have a recycling goal?
Yes! We aim to make sure that all the waste and earth we collect is properly recycled, by teaming up with environmentally responsible landfills. Read about our goals on our ‘Recycling’ page for more information.

Who can use your service?
Anyone and everyone! Our service is catered for businesses and residents. Just contact us and we can get your project started before you know it!

What areas do you service?
We will cover and work in all south, southeast, east and western Melbourne suburbs. We even work in outer Greater Melbourne suburbs.

Are you good at your job?
Of course we are! We have always prided ourselves on delivering top quality Bobcat ® skid steer loader services and honest customer service for our all our clients. You can be sure that with us you’ll be in the best hands. We are publicly insured for up to $10 million.