Lawn Removing And Re-Turfing

When it comes to removing your lawn and re-turfing it when new quality grass, it can be quite a hassle if you were manually do it. Ripping up your lawn and removing it is a very tough, difficult and tedious job. It could take hours, if not days depending on how large your lawn is. By the end of it, you’ll be tired and exhausted, and worse, you still have to remove it all.

But with Melbourne Bobcat ® skid steer loader Services at your side, you won’t have to worry about any of that. With a bobcat ® skid steer loader doing the work for you, removing your lawn will be as easy as you can get. Using our bobcat ® skid steer loader services is more effective and efficient than manual labour, as well as being more cost effective. Save yourself the time, the labour and let our services take care of it.

Our lawn removing service includes:

  • Us removing the lawn completely
  • Prepare the site for re-turfing
  • Scrap down the soil down your desired depth and allow space for the new turf to be installed
  • A 4 tonne tipper for us to remove all your unwanted lawn and turf

When you hire Melbourne Bobcat ® skid steer loader Services, you will be getting

  • A fully licensed and qualified bobcat ® skid steer loader operator
  • A fully operational Bobcat ® skid steer loader S70, designed for small projects and tight fits
  • Effective lawn removing services
  • 4 tonne skip bin
  • Recycling conscious team
  • Affordable prices and rates

If you are ready to get your lawn removed by the professionals here at Melbourne Bobcat ® skid steer loader Services, then why not contact us today! All you have to do is contact us directly on 0407 055 511 and we will get back to you before you know it!