Tips for Laying the Perfect Crushed Rock Driveway

A beautiful crushed rock driveway will do wonders for your home’s curb appeal. These rocky driveways are also very handy because they keep dust out of your home or building, and they can also reduce your water bill since you no longer have to water the lawn that used to cover the area. Crushed rock driveways are tremendously popular all over Melbourne because these driveways are affordable to install. They also make it much easier to maintain an organised and classy look in your front yard.

Installing these driveways is also simple compared to other driveway types, such as concrete and paving, and often gives you much more functionality since concrete is so prone to cracking.

Here are a few tips to help you lay the perfect crushed rock driveway that will give you great functionality and durability.

Plan Out Before You Start

It is important to plan your driveway out before you start. The best way to plan out your crushed rock driveway is by creating a landscaping drawing. The drawing will make it easy to plan your driveway out, and you will get a much better idea of what the end result will look like.

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Consider a Border for Your Driveway

If you want to keep your crushed rock in place and keep it from thinning, then you should consider a border for your driveway. A raised border will keep all the small rocks right where they belong.

Mark Out Your Driveway

You can mark your driveway by placing rods in the ground every few feet, then connecting the rods with a rope to outline your driveway.

Clear the Area

Before you start your driveway, you need to get any other materials removed. Materials like concrete, paving, and old building materials will only get in the way of your new driveway. To effectively remove all of this rubble with ease, you can hire a bobcat from Melbourne Bobcat Services. A bobcat is perfect for digging out old materials that are in your way, clearing the area, and for picking up and dumping all of that rubble into your skip bin.

Level the Driveway

Your driveway will look much better if it is level. Use your bobcat to level out the surface. This will also keep you from using excess crushed rock in certain areas.

Consider Your Soil

Some soil types are not ideal for a crushed rock driveway. Sandy soil will allow vehicles to push down your driveway into tyre grooves, while other soils might become too muddy during rainy seasons. If your soil type isn’t ideal, then it might be best to get soil replacement for your driveway before you lay your rocks. A bobcat is a perfect tool to remove and replace the top layer of your driveway soil with a more suitable soil for your new rock driveway.

Compact Your Soil

By compacting your soil, you will create a much sturdier foundation for your crushed rock layers.

Lay Down Your Weed Barrier

A good weed barrier will keep weeds from growing in your driveway. It is important to invest in a woven cloth weed barrier so water can still drain from your soil.

Ask Your Supplier About Rock Sizes

Crushed rock is usually piled according to pebble size. In order to create proper drainage in your driveway, you should first lay your driveway with a rock size bigger than 5mm, followed by a finer size. The finer your top layer is, the easier it will be to walk over your driveway, and the more compact your driveway will become. You can also use a bobcat to even out your crushed rock across the driveway and for basic earthmoving tasks on your property.

Melbourne Bobcat Services is the perfect partner to use if you want to install your dream driveway quickly and affordable.