Use a Bobcat for These Types of Demolition Projects

Demolition projects are not always the easiest projects to take on. The right equipment can make all the difference in your ability to effectively demolish different types of structures, your ability to clear the site and in the time it takes to execute these types of projects. It is also important to use the right demolition equipment so everyone working on the project will be perfectly safe while executing these often dangerous tasks.

Bobcats are some of the best tools to have on hand on demolition projects These machines are tiny but powerful which makes them suitable for a great variety of demolition projects like the following;

Tight Access Demolition

You need to be extremely careful when taking on demolition projects I tight access areas. The smallest mistake on your side could result in damage to surrounding properties and buildings. The bobcat’s small size is exactly what makes it perfect for tight access demolition. These machines can get into all of those tiny areas to break down buildings or dig up foundations that need to be removed. The machines can also carry rubble out of these small areas for effective cleaning without risking damage to surrounding areas.

Partial Demolition

Bobcats can be fitted with several different tools and applications which enable you to perform numerous tasks. If you are only taking down a certain part of a building then you can match these machines up with the right tool to perform the task without causing damage to the rest of the building.

Strip out Demolition

In many large buildings, bobcats are often utilized to perform strip outs inside the building. These machines are small enough to move around these tight areas to perform strip out work much quicker.

Pool Excavations

Bobcats can be fitted with excavation tools so you can dig out old broken swimming pools. The machines are also terrific for earthmoving so you can get these holes filled up with soil.

Concrete and Paving Demolition

Old concrete and paving surfaces are no problem at all for bobcats. The machines can be used to tear up and remove these constructions from the ground surface, they are handy for loading the rubble onto trucks and for leveling the surfaces once the project is completed.

Shed Demolition

Bobcats are also handy machines to tear down old sheds that are no longer in use. They can be used to tear down walls, vertical pillars, to remove concrete floors and to dig up old foundations.

Garage Demolition

You can also use a bobcat to tear down and remove an old garage. This task can be performed fully where even the foundation is removed or partially so you can keep some walls or floors in-tact if you need to construct a new bigger garage.

Demolition Cleanups

Cleanup is always a lot of hard work on demolition projects. Luckily, bobcats can be fitted with applications that you can use to load rubble onto trucks for easy site cleaning.

Bulk Excavations

This is also a handy machine to have at hand for bulk excavations. Even if your bobcat might not be used for tearing down large buildings, it is an invaluable tool for digging out old trenches and foundations, for clearing up rubble and so much more on these extensive projects.

There is no question about it. A bobcat is a must-have tool for just about any type of demolition project. If you need some help with demolition projects then don’t waste money on hand labour or huge and expensive companies. Hire a bobcat from Melbourne Bobcat Services and get your projects completed swiftly.