What Does Professional Site Cleaning Entail

Preparing a site for a new building project isn’t always the easiest task.  These tasks are especially challenging if older buildings need to be demolished to make room for the new building or when the site is located in densely populated areas.

Engineers rely on a clear and well-prepared site to start a new project.  If the site isn’t prepared professionally, the new construction could be affected negatively and can result in foundation shifting or building cracking.

It is always best to hire professional site cleaners for these types of projects.  Professionals do have all the right equipment to effectively demolish old building structures.  They also have all the knowledge required to execute the task correctly and the site will be prepared to the highest standards.  

Here is a quick look at the many steps professional site cleaning entails;

Site Surveying

The first step of the site clearing company is to perform a site survey.  The building block is identified by survey pegs and the surveyor will clearly line out exactly what structures and elements need to be removed.  The surveyor will also highlight all areas that are not to be damaged during the demolition project. These can include roads, surrounding buildings and even other constructions on the site that you may choose to keep.

Site surveying also includes identifying underground structures such as septic tanks that also may need to be removed before the new construction project can begin.

Soil Testing

Soil testing isn’t done on all construction sites. If the new project entails multistory buildings with heavy structures then it is vital to test the soil to ensure that the area can handle the new construction.  If the soil isn’t suitable for the new construction then another site might need to be located for the new construction. Alternatively, the company may choose to get all soil replaced with something more suitable and with the correct density for proper water drainage.

Construction Demolition

Once the engineer is certain that the site is suitable for a new construction project and once the site has been fully surveyed, the demolition process begins.  In this step, all building structures are wrecked and cleared off the site.  

Tree Removal

In the surveying process, the surveyor will identify all trees that need to be cleared if they are in the way of the new construction.  These trees will then be removed along with the underground stump. 

Site Cleaning

An extensive cleaning operation is also launched.  In this operation, all building rubble, trash, trees, tree stumps and other elements that are not suitable for the new construction will be removed from the site.

Site Levelling

Once the demolition project is completed, there could be lots of dents and holes left in the property. 

The site will now need to be fully levelled.  These levelling projects can include earth-moving tasks.  In some areas, the soil might need to be removed and in other areas soil will need to be deposited to create a perfectly straight site.

Excavation and Tunnelling

Some site preparation companies will also perform excavation and tunnelling services for the construction company.  This is because they already have the right tools at hand for the project. Tunnelling will be done to make way for the new building foundation, underground water, and sewer lines and septic tanks.

When you get professionals to take care of site clearing, you get the best results.  Professional companies like Melbourne Bobcat Services can take care of a huge variety of tasks associated with site cleaning so the construction company can get to work much quicker.  The site will also be fully prepared and the chances of getting cracked walls or a shifting foundation are greatly reduced when you hire in professional help.