When Might You Need A Bobcat?

The bobcat is the most versatile machine in Australia, right next to the tractor.  What makes tractors and bobcats so versatile is the fact that these machines are compatible with different appliances.  You can complete a huge variety of different tasks by simply adding the right attachment to your bobcat and these machines can even be completely customised by constructing and using attachments of your own invention.

It is always good to know exactly what a bobcat is capable of.  When you know exactly which tasks you can complete with a bobcat you can cut back on machine rentals of construction projects by utilising your bobcat to the fullest.  You can also complete a much greater variety of tasks while you are hiring your bobcat and you can cut back on all of those times when you are struggling to get things done when there is a perfectly easy solution available to you.

Here are the top times when you might need a bobcat.

Demolition projects

Bobcats are very functional for demolition projects.  These machines can even handle heavy-duty demolition work and can do everything from tree stump removal to breaking down walls.  Bobcats are also superb for cleaning up the site after the demolition is done.

Digging tasks

Bobcats can be used as an excavator. These machines have a 360 degree rotate functionality and can fit into very tight areas.  This makes bobcats superb for excavation projects in tight areas such as residential areas.  Bobcats can be used for a great variety of digging tasks such as for digging swimming pools, trenches and much more.

Grading tasks

Bobcats are frequently used in grading tasks.  You can use this machine for all phases of grading. The machines are perfect for smoothing out rough layouts and even for fine finish works.  With a grader attachment, you can get pretty close to columns, walls, and buildings without risking damage to these constructions or to the machine.

Earthmoving tasks

Bobcats are frequently used for small earthmoving tasks. These machines are great for digging or for leveling earth and with a tipper attachment, you can easily use your bobcat to move gravel from one location to another.

Loading tasks

This machine is perfect for loading tasks.  The machine doesn’t have a huge impact on the surroundings or on other machines.  You can use your bobcat to load things in all types of conditions such as in tight areas, in muddy or sandy slopes, for wet slopes and even for indoor loading purposes.

Clearing tasks

Bobcats can be used for tree or forest removal.  These machines are great for clearing areas and can even be used to remove large rocks and tree stumps all over construction sites.  You can also use this machine for trash clearing or for paving clearing and much more.

The bobcat is one of the most flexible machines in the world.  With the right attachment, you can do a huge variety of tasks.  The flexibility of this machine is exactly what makes it so sought after on farms and, roadworks and in the construction industry.  This single machine can perform duties of a huge variety of machines that are usually required to get jobs done on site.  Bobcats are also much easier to operate which also makes this machine a lot safer on your projects.

Hire a bobcat instead of battling to get your projects completed with manual tools or machines that are just too big or unsuitable. At Melbourne Bobcat Services we have the best bobcats and all the best attachments available for hire and we offer affordable hourly rates so you can get your projects completed without breaking a sweat.