Why You Might Need Bobcat Hire in Melbourne

There are many reasons you may need to hire a bobcat in Melbourne If your project requires a lot of earth digging or ground removal, there’s every chance you’ll decide to take a closer look at bobcat hire.

This handy, little piece of equipment has a range of uses and can speed up the process of even the most complex jobs. Bobcats are often described as versatile, agile and reliable. This is why they’re a piece of machinery that people rely on to ensure their workmanship is a success.

These are just a few reasons why you should look into bobcat hire next time you need to hire a digger.

Clearing Land

Perhaps you have just purchased a block of land, or a new home that has a large backyard that requires some work. Sort out those overgrown weeds or level out the ground so you have a nice, even surface to bring your landscape designs to life.

Backyard Landscaping

Taking on a gardening project can often be a large task – a daunting one too. Whether you are looking to create a vegetable garden, clear some overgrown plants or looking to create an area for your children’s play centre, a bobcat can get the job done faster than a man with a shovel.

Excavating to Lay Pipes, Wires or Other Vital Utilities

There comes times when tradesmen have to install new service connections to your home. A bobcat is designed to be easy to manoeuvre and operate, making it a common choice as opposed to larger, more expensive earthmoving machinery.

Pool Removal

Backyard, inground pools require a lot of maintenance and can often be a cause of concern for health and safety reasons, so many homeowners choose to remove them from their property. A bobcat can help with this process, filling in the hole and levelling out the ground following the pool’s removal.

Stump Grinding

If you have just had a tree removed from your yard, or inherited a stump in the backyard of your new home, a bobcat is a great help when you want to remove it in its entirety and fill in the hole.

Choosing The Right Bobcat

In order for you to choose which bobcat is best suited to your task at hand, you need to consider the following:

  • How large is the space that is available to operate the equipment

  • Is is going to be used over open unfinished areas or will it be used over already developed areas

  • How heavy is the load going to be that it’s required to life

  • How far does the load need to be carted and dumped

  • What type of work will the bobcat be performing

To find a bobcat to help with your next project, contact Melbourne Bobcat Service today for a free quote on 1300 787 690.