5 Agricultural Projects to Use a Bobcat With

Bobcats or skid steer loaders are mostly used in construction industries. Construction businesses contract these machines to get various small on-site tasks completed. These tasks include jobs such as:

  • Earthmoving
  • Site leveling
  • Excavating
  • Rigging
  • Demolition
  • Landscaping projects
  • Trenching
  • Grading
  • Materials transportation
  • Spreading material
  • Debris removal

The functionality of a bobcat should never be underestimated. These powerful machines have an infinite number of uses and are handy in all types of industries including the agricultural sector. Here are five agricultural projects for which bobcats are very handy.

01. Digging or Excavating Jobs

Bobcats are fantastic for all sorts of digging jobs on the farm. You can use these machines to dig your own dams or to make watering holes for wildlife. The machines are also great for constructing or reconstructing dam walls when they break. You can also use them on agricultural construction jobs and for digging building foundations, trenches, sewer lines, and water lines. In the fields, bobcats are great for numerous digging jobs. You can use these machines to dig holes for your fencing poles, for irrigation installation, and so much more.

02. Site Clearing

Bobcats have all sorts of attachments that you can use for site clearing. The machines are fantastic for breaking down and clearing old buildings and construction on farms. They can also be used to make way for a new agriculture project like a warehouse or field. The machines are perfect for removing bushes, for digging out tree stumps, and for getting rid of large rocks that might be in your way.

03. Earthmoving Tasks

If you add the right attachment, this is also a perfect tool for all sorts of  earthmoving tasks. You can use a bobcat to level your fields, move soil from one location to another, build roads, replace the soil of your dams or construction sites with more suitable soil, and to clear out and replace soil in livestock enclosures in order to keep these areas hygienic.

04. Transporting Tasks

Farms have plenty of transportation needs. You need to feed your animals, carry tools, machines, and materials around, remove debris from livestock enclosures or from areas that you want to clean out, and clear out building rubble that is demolished. A bobcat is perfect for all of these loading and transportation tasks because it is capable of handling big and heavy loads.

05. Gather Yielded Crops

You can also use your skid steer to yield crops in less time. The loaders can be used for plowing and planting jobs, for moving plants or produce between locations, and to clean out waste materials that are left behind once the crop is harvested.

The bobcat is a very handy tool in all types of industries and agricultural is no different. There are plenty of agricultural tasks that can be accomplished with this simple yet flexible machine, and the best part is that you don’t even need to buy your own bobcat to get these jobs done.

At Melbourne Bobcat Services you can rent or hire a bobcat anywhere in and around Melbourne. We can come out to your farm and get any type of agricultural project done for you. Our skilled operators know exactly how to handle these machines and their attachments, and farmers can finally get tough jobs done a lot quicker.

If you want to save money and time on your labour force and agricultural projects, then rent a bobcat for your farm. The machines are suitable for a great variety of jobs, and Melbourne Bobcat Services offers affordable rates compared to the rates of expensive farm machinery.