5 Preparation Tips for a Building Demolition

A building demolition is not something that happens often and a planned demolition can even draw crowds. As the building walls come down and the dust rises and settles, it can feel like the end of an era. Buildings carry memories and stories, and it can be a sad time for many when their home or property undergoes a demolition, even if it is necessary.

If you have a upcoming demolition, one of the best things you can do is prepare for it well in advance. Whether the demolition is something desired or not, there are certain things that can be done which will make the process easier and safer for all involved.

1. Plan in advance

If you have a demolition date for your residential property, then don’t ignore it. Plan in advance and go through your belongings to see what you would like to keep. Sell or give away anything that you don’t want to take on to your next home. If the demolition is in part of the building, then make sure that any valuable or wanted possessions or well out of the way. Use storage boxes to protect your possessions and keep dust from getting into them.

2. Seal off demolition area

This is particularly relevant if you are only demolishing part of your home or building. You should seal off the demolition area so that no children or animals can access it. Also seal off any vents or gaps so dust does not travel through the home while the demolition is taking place.

3. Safety

If you’re planning to be around and take part in the demolition process then you should ensure that you are wearing the right protective gear like a helmet, gloves and glasses. If you’re knocking down walls with electrical wiring, it is best to enlist professional help to make sure this is done safely. Make sure you check in the designated demolition space before you begin to make sure no person or wildlife has got into the area.

You should also make sure you have the correct machinery and equipment to knock down your wall or building. Hiring a reliable bobcat service such as Melbourne Bobcat Hire will ensure this.

4. Alternate accommodation

Even if you are demolishing a part of your house and not its entirety, a house that is undergoing a demolition is not a safe place to stay. You don’t always know how a part demolition is going to affect the rest of the structure until after it takes place. Despite sealing off, there may be a lot of unexpected dust and debris. For these reasons, make sure you have temporary accommodation set up for the demolition perido. Make sure you also check the building thoroughly before moving back in.

5. Remove waste

Whether or not you plan to do the demolition yourself, you need to make sure you have a plan for all the waste and debris that will surface. If you are using a demolition company, make sure they can haul it away for you, or make sure you make alternative arrangements via a waste removal company.


The best way of ensuring a successful and safe demolition is to enlist professional help where needed. Making use of electricians and professional bobcat services will make sure your demolition takes place smoothly and without obstacle.

If you need to perform a demolition and don’t know where to start then get in touch with us today at Melbourne Bobcat Hire. Our professional staff are on hand to advise and give you the best quotes for your demolition project.