7 Ideas for the Perfect Outdoor Kids Play Area

Children absolutely need outdoor play areas in order to grow healthy. Their small bodies rely on lots of exercises in order to develop healthy muscles and strong bones. They also need to do a wide range of activities so their large motor skills can develop well enough.

Most modern housing solutions don’t offer children adequate space for playing and it is so sad to see that modern landscapers focus more on aesthetics than on health. Plenty of homes boast delightful garden layouts in order to enhance curb appeal but this doesn’t necessarily fulfil in the needs of children every time.

If you are looking for ways to transform your garden into a suitable area with plenty of kids play areas then you can definitely consider the following ideas.

  1. Add a Swimming Pool

    Swimming pools can be dangerous but they are also therapeutic and give children lots of physical exercises. You can definitely look into a swimming pool with a long shallow side to promote kids outdoor play and our Bobcats are perfect for digging and moving all of that earth when you are installing a brand new swimming pool.

  2. Add a Concrete Driveway

    Concrete driveways are terrific for enhancing curb appeal and for parking but can also be pretty fantastic kids play area. Hire quality bobcats from Melbourne Bobcat Services to clear some and level some space for your driveway. With a good concrete driveway, your kids will have a place where they can safely ride bikes, roller skate or enjoy sports such as basketball.

  3. Free Space for a Lawn

    Is your yard overgrown with lots of trees and beddings? Then it might be wise to hire our Bobcats to get rid of some of these growths and level the area for a nice and spacious lawn. A beautiful level lawn looks brilliant and gives families the opportunity to enjoy plenty of sports such as soccer, baseball, playing tag and wrestling.

  4. Construct a Playground

    Climbing is important for children because it helps develop strong muscles and promotes your child’s ability to balance. If your yard doesn’t have any climbing areas then it is time to build a playground that includes play favourites like monkey bars and/or swings. You can use our bobcat service to clear some space or to level out steep surfaces where you can construct a beautiful playground with lots of swings, a treehouse, rock climbing area, rope ladders, a sliding pole, slide and/or other extras.

  5. Add a Big Sandpit

    Sand play is great fun for kids and it is defiantly worth sacrificing some space in the backyard for a nice big sand pit. Melbourne Bobcat Services can help you dig out the sand pit and fill it up with building sand that is perfect for kids play. You can choose to invest in a small sand pit or get a big one that covers the entire play area. Loose sand is terrific for play areas because it reduces the impact of falls and the sand itself gives children lots of things to do.

  6. Build a Race Track

    This may seem a bit ambitious but consider this. Instead of lining your yard with gardens, lay a thick slab of concrete around your fences. This will keep dogs from digging underneath the fences and will give your kids a perfect race track around the house where they can ride their bikes and scooters.

  7. Install a Trampoline

    Jumping is also a pretty good exercise for kids and especially for those little ones that can be overactive but trampolines can be dangerous. You can enhance jumping safety by submerging your trampoline into the ground so it will be ground level.

Melbourne Bobcat Service’s equipment hire and expert advice is just what you need to get started on your kids play areas. Our bobcats are perfect for site clearing and levelling, digging and earthmoving and with our help you set up your play area in no time and all.