7 Types of Driveways to Increase Curb Appeal

Don’t have a driveway yet? Then it is high time for you to invest in one. A beautiful driveway can make a huge difference to your property’s curb appeal. These paths give your home or business a much cleaner, fresher and more organised look, as well as a practical entry and parking spot. Driveways are also fantastic for dust control in and around the building because vehicles cannot stir up dust anymore and you can easily wash these areas to keep everything nice and clean. These paths are also terrific for guiding people towards the preferred parking areas.

The Best Types of Driveways for Enhanced Curb Appeal

There are quite a lot of different types of driveways you can consider for your property but the following types are the best if you are looking for overall increased curb appeal:

  • Concrete Driveway

Concrete is the most popular driveway style because it is affordable and practical. Concrete driveways are also great for children to ride on with bikes and roller skates or for creating a basketball area in front of your garage. These driveways are durable and relatively easy to repair if it cracks.

  • Asphalt Driveway

These driveways are sometimes preferred over concrete driveways. The vibrant black appearance makes them look cleaner and more professional and these driveways don’t require the same blocked segments as concrete. They are cost effective but do require quite a bit of maintenance since the surface tends to crack.

  • Brick Driveway

Brick driveways are also pretty common. The brick formations result in a very interesting and beautiful look. These driveways are also often preferred because homeowners can get them installed section by section as their budget allows. These driveways are not likely to crack although the bricks can shift out of place if too much weight is applied or if the foundation becomes too soggy.

  • Gravel Driveway

Gravel driveways or crushed rock driveways are beautiful, elegant and a perfect solution for rural areas. These driveways are installed pretty easily and they can instantly be used. The only downside to these driveways is that they don’t last too long because gravel consists of loose rocks that can easily be spread. It also is pretty painful for children to step over these driveways barefoot.

  • Cobblestone Driveway

Cobblestone driveways are a bit more unique in Melbourne. They can be especially beautiful when the cobblestone pavers are installed in patterns. The natural cobblestone is quite expensive but lends a timeless charm to your space. These driveways will also last well over 20 years and isn’t likely to require too many repairs or maintenance along the way.

  • Combination Driveway

Thee driveways are usually made by combining two or more materials. A good example is to lay a brick driveway and to have it finished off with concrete edging. Combination driveways are beautiful and give you a very sleek and finished look.

  • Artificial Turf Driveway

If you want something really different or just cannot seem to get enough of green then this can be a good solution for you. Layer your entire driveway with artificial turf. These turfs have a life expectancy of +15 years, they are easy to maintain and you will have a pretty big lawn area on which you can spend some time when there are no vehicles parked.

If you are planning on installing a new driveway then it is time to give Melbourne Bobcat Services a call. We can get any old pieces of a driveway and other natural elements like rock, tree stumps and stone cleared out of the way. Our bobcats are also perfect for leveling and compacting the area and we can help you spread materials like stone, rock, and gravel.