Backhoe Hire Melbourne

Regardless if you are a private resident or a construction company, we have the essential machinery that can help with all your excavation and construction jobs. That piece of machinery is known as backhoe, and thanks to its wide spread of uses, is very popular with many clients, as it combines two machines into one: a backhoe and a tractor.

The benefits of this combined truck is that it twofold: it is great for a variety of projects and multiple uses, as well as being affordable, thanks to its small stature and maintenance costs. Flexibility is key for a backhoe, as mentioned above. It can used for earthmoving, construction, excavation, paving roads and walkways, landscaping jobs and plenty more.

The Bobcat ® skid steer loader Promise.

From industrial sites to residential projects, backhoe trucks can be used for whatever project you need them for. All our backhoes are maintained to guarantee that they are always running and working at 100% capacity. We want to make sure that you get what you pay for: an affordable backhoe truck. We work all over Melbourne and surrounding areas. Contact us today!