Why You Might Need Bobcat Hire in Melbourne

Figuring out what equipment to get for your construction or demolition projects can be tough.  There is so many wonderful and powerful equipment out there that make plenty of tough jobs a lot easier.  Even some of the most experienced construction experts often find it challenging to pick the right rental equipment for construction, clearing, demolition, earthmoving or excavation projects.  It is very important to choose the right equipment because with the right equipment you can get the job done a whole lot quicker with fewer manual labour on your team which enables you to save a lot of money and make a lot more profits.

One of the most frequently asked questions amongst construction workers and construction site managers is whether there is a difference between a bobcat and skid steer or not.  Plenty of people find it hard to choose between the two machines because they don’t know what the exact differences are.

What is a skid steer?

Skid steers can vary in size and the load capacity as well as strength of the skid steer can differentiate based on the capacity of the skid steer. Skid steers can vary from a load capacity of 800 pounds to 2 tons.

What is a bobcat?

The bobcat is a different brand of the skid steer.  They also come in different sizes with different strength capacities and different load capacities.

Basically they are the same thing

The two brands of machine do basically the same job, they are both available in different sizes and both of these brands of machinery are compatible with various different types of attachments.  Basically they are the same thing with just a few minor differences with regards to load capacities and attachment designs.

The big difference comes with the attachments

Skid steers and bobcats both have various attachment options that enables the operator to perform a great variety of tasks with the same machine.  The bob cat has more than 70 attachments which might just make it the more versatile machine of the two.

Is there a safety difference between the two?

Now you may wonder if one of the machines might be safer to operate than the other?  Well, in truth, both can be dangerous.  If you operate a skid steer or bobcat outside of its capacity and control then you can end up making a huge mistake on site or even hurt someone else as they try to assist you with attachments or other tasks.

Which is the best?

Bobcats and skid steer loaders are both amazing machines.  They both come with a wide range of attachments, they are both strong and durable and both of these machines are available for hire at Melbourne Bobcat Services.  You can hire either one of these two handy earthmoving or clearing machines or both and get your construction site cleaned, leveled or cleared in no time at all.

Both are very functional

You can use either the bobcat or the skid steer for a great variety of tasks on and around the construction site.  These machines will enable you to do a great variety of tasks including digging, pushing, pulling, lifting and more.

If you are still finding it hard to choose between a bobcat and skid steer for your construction project then you can always contact us at Bobcat Hire in Melbourne.

We can provide you with a list of available attachments for these machines so you can see exactly which of these machines will benefit your particular project the most.  Both the bobcat and the skid steer are fantastic choices for any construction project and either one of these will be tremendously helpful on site.