Using an excavator? Simple tips to keep your safe!

So you’ve seen an excavator hire professional and gotten your machine for your project. You might be thinking just to turn the engine on and get the machine rolling; but that would be dangerous and unreliable. We got some simple tips for you to follow when it comes to excavator hire, to ensure that your safety is paramount.

  1. Get the appropriate training needed to ensure that you have the skills and techniques necessary to handle the machine at a basic level.
  2. Always take it for a test run. Every excavator is different so it is important to make sure that you have a grasp of the machine you are using. By taking it for a test run (including digging holes, driving it around and so forth), you will be better equipped when it comes to the real work.
  3. Understand and familiarise yourself with the weight of the machine. Each excavator has different weight capabilities and it is important to make sure that you keep to them. Lifting anything more could you see tip the machine over.
  4. Turn off the machine when you are not using it. Too many people leave it on and the last thing you want is an excavator that is running loose.
  5. Do not carry any extra people on board the excavator with you. The machine is allowed for one person, and one person only. Anything more could be dangerous for you, your rider and could you tip the machine over.
  6. Don’t move the “arm” of the excavator around wildly. You might actually hit someone or something. You don’t want to damage or injure someone. Just take your time and make sure no one is around you.
  7. Do not dig too close to your excavator. If the ground below is weak, or your machine is too close to the edge, it’s going to…tip in. Then trying getting out a 1 tonne machine out of a hole.
  8. In relation to the above point: ward off the area you are working in. Make it an “danger zone” and ensure that employees or pedestrians enter this zone. It will help with their safety.

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